They award us the al-andalus prize

19/11/2016 2639

We know that this week you missed us ... Last Monday we missed our weekly appointment, but it has been a few intense days of emotions, that we wanted to order to be able to tell you how you deserve. We have lived days of incredible sensations, shared with all our team and, now, also shared with you. Because you are a fundamental part of our wardrobe team.

And we are very happy to be able to tell you that they have given us the Al-Andalus Business Award.

The Al-Andalus Awards have been in existence for decades, and since its inception their objective has been to recognize the representative work of Andalusians, Cordobans and Palmeños in their different professional areas. Of recognized prestige, these awards endorse the effort and merits of those who receive it, but especially, and being from Palma del Río, they are granted with immense affection and familiarity, which makes us reach even more to the heart.

Characters of the stature of Miguel Poveda, Victorio and Luchinno, Elio Bernhayer, Juana Martín, athletes such as Carolina Martín, Lourdes Mohedano, singers like Antonio José, and a host of outstanding professionals have received this important award. And now we are among them!

When we recognize a job well done, we feel a mixture of modesty, nerves, satisfaction, and above all, the desire to share. So after the liturgical moment of the delivery, the first thing we wanted to do was share it with all our team, who are, after all, the real worthy of this Al-Andalus Prize.

This special post is simply to, once again, thank you all.

To our team, for the hard work and of such high quality that you carry out every day.

To you, for trusting in our proposals to dress every day your most precious treasures.

And to them, to our Princes and Princesses who inspire us every day, for their love, and for the illusion that they transmit every day and fill us with energy.

Thousands and thousands of thanks to all. This Al-Andalus Prize has a piece of each one of you, and that, we carry it in our heart. Our wardrobe now has one more reason to open its doors every time the sun rises.


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