El armario de Lucía with Aladina Foundation

28/11/2016 7466

One of the reasons why I feel most proud of having created El armario de Lucía is because of the capacity that our wardrobe has given me to reach hundreds of people that without it, I would never have dreamed of being able to know. And to be able to put my little granite in such noble causes as those of the Aladina Foundation.

In these dates so close to Christmas, the events and charity events related to Childhood are growing, and on this occasion I had the great fortune of being able to take part in one of the events organized for the benefit of the Aladina Foundation, whose objective is to improve the situation of children suffering from cancer.

On November 11,12 and November 13, the 1st edition of the Babychic Fair was held at the Hotel Sherry Park, in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), whose objective was to raise funds to fight against childhood cancer, along with the Aladina Foundation.

It was a fantastic weekend, which I was eager to share with you. Many signatures gathered to be part of this First Edition and we were lucky to share the moment with other brands such as Volantitos, Intimates Woman and Babine.



What a thrill to see so many people, families and children focused on the needs of others.

Organized by the La Casita de Pan y Chocolate, with its characteristic style to organize events, we could enjoy workshops, activities for children and many activities of animation.



And of course, the parades. El armario de Lucía presented its Collection of Ceremony 2017, which we wanted so much to show. And once again, we went crazy enjoying our Princes and Princesses.

For us it has been a fantastic experience, but for fantastic the work of the Aladina Foundation. Visit their website, and know their work. It will touch your heart and will not leave you indifferent.



And with this spirit to contribute, help and change the world with small gestures we get fully into the month of December. A month of December in which we will again turn fully into wearing special moments these dear dates that are coming. And with the same purpose of filling with news and new projects, we will reach the New Year.


Until then, we will make a small break in our blog. To cross the screen and hug you tightly.

Of course, we return after the partys to undertake the 2017 journey together.

Although it's still early ... Very Happy Holidays to all... See you soon.

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