About Us

The dream come true of a little designer who wore her dolls.

Grupo DeLucia begins in 1998 to bring to the world the outfits that Lucia dreamed of since childhood.

But as you have imagined this story began much earlier...
On the first Magi, little Lucia wrote them a letter where she was eagerly asking for a seamstress to make reality those beautiful clothes she designed in the cartons she accumulated in her room, the Magi from the east read her letter, but could not give her a seamstress really with needles and sharp pins, it could be very dangerous for someone so young, that girl waited patiently for those days that became eternal, the night of January 5 was very difficult to fall asleep, the illusion that produced knowing that The seamstress would finally have his greatest wish come true and that the next morning he could start making those attire to his wrist, he didn't let him sleep until dawn, where he woke up with shouts and jumps of joy to go along with his brothers to the lounge where her seamstress was waiting for her, or so she thought...

A huge smile perpetuated until he saw what they had brought to him, it was a seamstress yes, but this one had huge plastic needles that had no use, leafless scissors that didn't cut even butter, and other accessories that determined it was a seamstress as a toy, the little girl turned to her mother and thanked her for not realizing that it was not what she wanted, on the inside she was desolate, that sewing set did not help her at all, she went directly to her room with her toy seamstress while her brothers played in the living room with the novelties, the mother took the opportunity to clean the rooms and make the beds, but to her surprise she found a strange lump in the blanket that she wore at her Lucia at night.

The next week a family member arrived, whom everyone loved very much, but did not come for pleasure, when the mother left the room she said nothing to her child, she knew that the words would be left over and that she could not explain that it was dangerous to sew his age without adult supervision, but he left with a nuisance that he wanted to solve, the family member did not come with suitcases or luggage, just a bag with a very complete seamstress, and this time it was really!
Little Lucia had a lot of fun that day, and her parents gave her a real seamstress the following year.

As time went by, her designs and creations went from dolls to mannequins and her neighbors began to ask her little models for her girls, later Lucia began working at a clothing factory in her town where she saved her salaries to set up a shop that let him bring those beautiful dresses to the general public.

Little by little the workshop ran out and the store was not enough, so after a long time, Lucia opened her closet to the world through the Internet.

If you want to know more I invite you to watch the video where I show my workshop and the great people who have managed to make this happen: